Who We are

"Al-Jadwel", is an Iraqi company that was established with an official license from the Ministry of Commerce. Its headquarters lies in Basra and its mission is to provide the services of trade and public services for both the public and private sectors, and it works in terms of a clear and studied strategy that focuses on quality in order to develop its works and improve its performance to reach the most far places and Iraqi regions. With the help of distinguished professional, technical and administrative cadres with more than 16 years of experience, along with depending on the most modern machines and advanced technical materials with high operational capacity in order to reach the desired targets.

The power and expertise of AL-Jadwel Company has enabled it to get off the right start and achieve a notable progress in its major field. It also made it the favorable course for our customers to set, in: Professionalism, quality, competent prices and reliability on terms of the international followed criteria and always makes sure to provide different kinds of services including, engineering, logistics, information technology services, and recruitment. It always seeks for overcoming obstacles and hardships. Moreover, it tries its best to provide advanced and exceptional services to accelerate the comprehensive development.